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Keep your car powered correctly

It is vital to keep vehicle’s electrical and ignition systems working correctly, car components like alternator play much bigger role than the battery itself. It’s because alternator helps to feed power back to battery that you can listen to the radio and start the engine in your car correctly. Over time, alternator starts to fail which can cause the car battery to fail, and that’s where we can help you to assess this issue. Our mobile mechanics can visit you anywhere in Kingston upon thames, London will ensure to fully understand  and correctly address the issue with your car not starting correctly and to find the optimal replacement battery for your car. We have a stock of the most of car brands and battery types compatible with your car. WE REQUIRE NO MEMBERSHIPS. NO HIDDEN FEES ON PARTS AND LABOUR. OUR SERVICE IS PAY AS YOU GO. Speak with customer service managers for more details!

Do You Have a Dead / Flat / Leaking Car Battery?

It is very important to ensure your car has a fully functioning battery, which ensures your vehicle’s performance, and it’s also important that you follow basic rules to eliminate the chances of early failures due to lack of attention. We understand the frustration and hesitation of replacing a battery yourself. Jump starting the damaged or flat battery when you are stuck on motorway  in Kingston upon thames, London is quick solution however it is not long term solution. Please pay close attention to minor signs on your dashboard related to battery failure. Please do not ignore them, rather give us a call so we can help you with your battery replacement issues as quickly as possible.

Engine Struggles to Start

The longer you use your vehicle, you have the higher chances of battery failure. If your car engine is having difficulty to start or if you notice that the start is not as usual, that is a sign of battery failure or alternator. If this is issue is not addressed on time, the battery can fail any time and in result it will be impossible to start the vehicle engine.

Failing Electrical Components

If you notice that your battery has much less power, one of the first signs is could be you alternator belt or electrical component wearing out. If you notice that radio suddenly cutting off and shutting down, or maybe the headlights and indicators are dimmer than usual. Please don’t leave this unnoticed and ensure you have the battery checked and replaced as soon as possible. The main reason is it can quite dangerous to drive with faulty car battery!

Scheduling a new car battery replacement with us!

If you notice signs on your dashboard related to your vehicle’s battery, please remember that a jump start is not a long term solution. As jump starting is a temporary fix, later you will need to replace a new battery, and that’s where Mobile Auto Mechanics can help. Our mobile mechanics will come out to you location in Kingston upon thames, London same-day to supply and fit a correct car battery to your vehicle and mechanic will also ensure that other electrical components are functioning properly. Schedule your car battery replacement service by filling out or booking for or give us a call. We look forward to serving you!

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Car Battery Replacement Cost Guide

Replacing your flat / dead car battery in Kingston upon thames, London will normally cost between £125 – £185, basically most of the cost is battery rather than the fitting. The battery fitting itself is normally a straightforward job, so actual cost comes from buying the new car battery.

Car Won’t Start?

Top 3 signs that it may be a battery issue:

  • Your vehicle lights do not turn on
  • There is no sound when trying to start the vehicle
  • The battery is over 5 years old

Mobile Battery Replacement at Home or Office

You will normally receive a few warning signs time to time, right before your car battery dies. However, it’s also possible your battery may fail unexpectedly. No matter what happens and no matter where your are in London we are here to sort out this issues call out car battery fitting service in Kingston upon thames, London.

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We provide motorcycle battery replacements.2024-03-19T00:45:19+00:00

We’re renowned for being one of the UK’s top suppliers of car parts and accessories, but we’re equally passionate about two-wheelers!

Mobile Auto Mechanics caters to motorcycle owners by offering battery replacements alongside car services.

To begin, just input your postcode at the top of the page.

How long will my battery last?2024-03-19T00:45:33+00:00

Batteries are typically engineered to endure for three to five years, but cold weather conditions can notably diminish their lifespan. There are several indicators to keep an eye out for:

Difficulty starting the car or the engine cranking more frequently than usual.
Diminished power for both internal and external vehicle electronics.
Illumination of dashboard warning symbols.
If you suspect any issues, it’s advisable to visit your nearby Autocentre for a Battery Check.

How we do it2024-03-19T00:45:43+00:00

Our mobile technician begins by meticulously loading the required equipment into their pristine van. They will then give you a courtesy call 15 minutes prior to your appointment, informing you of their imminent arrival and agreeing on a secure spot for you to leave your car keys.

Before the technician arrives, ensure your car is parked in a safe and accessible location, and place your keys as per the agreed arrangement.

Upon arrival, the technician will don a fresh pair of disposable gloves and retrieve your keys from the designated spot. They will then thoroughly ventilate your vehicle and enhance protection by installing disposable seat covers and steering wheel wraps. Subsequently, they will proceed with the battery replacement task.

Once the job is done, the technician will responsibly dispose of your old battery for recycling and remove all disposable protective materials from your car. They will also update the job status using our online app, eliminating the need for any paper documentation exchange.

Following this, the technician will return your keys to the agreed-upon location for your retrieval. They will either knock on your door, call, or text you to notify you of the completion of the work. If you wish to inspect the work done, they will patiently wait in their van at a safe distance until you are satisfied.

Finally, after ensuring your car is fixed and you are content, the technician will proceed to assist another customer. At the end of their shift, they will meticulously clean their van and dispose of any waste in a safe, legal, and environmentally-friendly manner, prioritizing the safety of both customers and colleagues.

How do I find out which battery I need?2024-03-19T00:45:49+00:00

Simply fill out quote form or simply give us a call. We’ll promptly identify the batteries suitable for your vehicle. With our extensive stock covering nearly all makes and models, you’re likely to find a battery that meets your requirements.

For additional guidance, simply give us a call.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Here at Mobile Auto Mechanics, we have established a mobile mechanics service covering Kensington, London that can bring the maintenance and repairs you need either to your home or office, whichever suits you best.

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